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Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Now WhatsApp brings a native application on Windows that works independently

 You do not have to link your device. 


The new WhatsApp app on Windows no longer requires a phone to be connected to send, receive and sync messages. An update on WhatsApp's page reveals that the refreshed Windows app is out of beta and is available to download from the Microsoft Store.

Previously, Windows users had to download WhatsApp's web-based desktop app or access the messaging service from their web browser. The new app is native to Windows, which, as WhatsApp explains, should make the app faster and more responsive.

The redesigned WhatsApp has a slightly cleaner interface compared to the previous version of the app, but otherwise it doesn't look all that different. The biggest change is that you no longer need to keep your phone online to sync messages between your phone and the desktop app. WhatsApp says it is also currently working on a native app for macOS.

However, the use of paired devices has certain limitations. For example, if you are using an iPhone as your primary device, you can't delete or remove chats. You also cannot send messages with preview links from WhatsApp web, message or call someone using a "very old version" of WhatsApp, or view live locations.

Earlier this month, WhatsApp extended the deadline for deleting messages. Currently, users can delete these messages within 68 minutes. With the new update, WhatsApp users will have 2 days and 12 hours to delete their messages. Users can delete a message just for themselves or request that messages be deleted for everyone.

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