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Friday, June 17, 2022

NETFLIX: 4 Horror Movies And Shows To Stream This Weekend

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Girl on the Third Floor

You may have seen The Woman on the Window, and indeed The Woman Across the Street From the Girl in the Window, but have you heard of Girl on the Third Floor? We did n’t suppose so.

Girl on the Third Floor is am Thriller/Psychological horror movie. This film follows a man who moves to a new home with his family, hoping for a fresh beginning, but the Victorian house they now live in quickly proves to give them more trouble than peace. Girl on the Third Floor is only 1 hour and 32 minutes long and is rated TV- MA, the movie stars CM Punk, Trieste Kelly Dunn, Sarah Brooks, and others.

A review about this movie from Ian Cronk on Google Reviews "So I read all the bad reviews when this movie first came out, and I was a little disappointed. But then saw it got added to Netflix. Tonight I thought why not and watched it fully with no pauses. Though I am biased to ‘independent horror movies’ i found myself invested into every scene and trying to figure out the mysteries within the story. This is CM Punk’s debut movie and at first you can tell he is adjusting, but as time went on the development of all characters, the story, acting, everything really improved and left me on edge. Beautiful camera shots, amazing practical effects and nasty gore. I highly recommend this movie."

Crime Scene: The Vanishing At The Cecil Hotel

Still, this is one you have to stream, If you really enjoy true crime pictures. Crime Scene: The Vanishing At The Cecil Hotel details the disappearance of Elisa Lam, a youthful woman who was last seen at the hotel and latterly found dead. This is a limited series featuring four episodes. It is 51 - 58 minutes long.

A review about this show from Ashley Willow on Google Reviews "I live in LA and was shocked that this blonde crazy manager was so non chalont about what was going down. The history behind the hotel is worth my heart, I believe she was harassed by evil entities that thrive on mental illness in a corrupt hotel full of violence, rape, serial killers, and murder. If you are a historian, they didn't have names for mental illness, Jesus simply states people were processed by demons. Now days, it's called something different. I believe this was well produced. At times, I had to Google this show to see if it was fictional or not because I was shocked about the hotel on skid row. I do believe there are higher frequencies and the synchronicity that developed in this story is something I experienced back in my 20's when I was in a drug induced psychosis. Not enough people talk about what is out there in this world for women like us, but now through much therapy and a decision to live my life in a clean way, I have awareness. You should too. This show took up my whole afternoon but definitely worth checking out."

Haunted: Latin America

This is a series that includes five episodes. The first episode was released in March 31, 2021. The longest episode is 47 minutes, and the shortest is 26 minutes, so you can certainly binge this over the weekend.
When it comes to horror, is there a genre more shocking than tales from Latin America? Each episode of the series follows a haunting narrative.

Ghost Lab

We love foreign stories again! Ghost Lab follows two doctors who witness the ghost and are determined to capture the scientific evidence that ghosts are real. Will anyone believe them?

A review about this show from Miss Gurl on Google Reviews "I always loved horror movies with a touch of romance and sad emotions. After watching a Chinese horror movie which had a really sad ending, i was finding something like that and nothing satisfied me until I found this movie. I have no words for the storyline, the acting, the expressions !! It was just amazing. The movie actually represents the sacrifices people made for greatest discoveries of all time. Yes afterlife is the hottest topic ever but messing with nature to find the answers isn’t always cute and this movie absolutely nailed the realistic results. Ever wondered why we wake up right before we die in a dream? Because brain doesn’t know what happens after that and it must stay that way. If rebirth is real, i would choose the world where wee and arjong are doing this experiment (not because the experiment amuses me but wee is single and hawt asf). Absolute 10/10."

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