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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Nigeria to start production of planes before Buhari departs – Sirika

 The federal government has announced that production of planes in Nigeria will begin before President Muhammadu Bukhara resigns.

     Aviation Minister Hadi Sirika gave clues during a review of Magnus' aviation industry in Pogany, Hungary.

    "If we work with them, maybe we will start with the assembly plant first, then production," ministry spokesman James Odawdu said in a statement.

     Sirika said the Magnus aircraft is lightweight, suitable for military training, has acrobatic maneuverability, and is made of high-strength composite materials.

      Give a reason for the delay

     He added that this plane uses regular gasoline which is better than any other simulator.

     The Minister expressed his satisfaction with these characteristics and is ready to promote the productive development of the country.

     Sirika predicts that this will promote Nigeria's growth as a regional aviation superpower, as the service and repair facilities attract visitors from neighboring countries.

     The association will undergo a more detailed analysis to see if the market and the government are ready to release large amounts of funds and logistics.

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     At the same time, the government of Bukhara has been unable to create a national airline for more than six years in power.

     Sirika, who calls himself "Buharist", has flown at least three times with Nigerian Airlines.

     In March 2020, he promised that the proposed airline would offer local routes from the third quarter of 2021.

     In May 2021, Sirika announced that the airline could start operating in the first quarter of 2022. The minister blamed COVID-19.

     August is drawing to a close, but there is no clear indication that Nigerians will participate in public aviation services early next year.

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