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Monday, August 23, 2021

How To Reduce Whatsapp Storage Usage On Android


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We guess 90% of our readers reading this now knows already what WhatsApp is all about but as a platform into helping non-tech savvy understand tech better. Let us do a quick overview of it in the simplest term we can use.

WhatsApp is a messaging app, which is used to exchange messages via the internet including media files like images, videos, voice or even documents like PDF, Excel and a lot more on mobile devices and Personal computers.

Moreover, it is also used to call with your mobile data or wifi Wi-Fi which is preferable compare to our local network, especially calling abroad.

Unlike your default SMS app, WhatsApp is free to send messages to unlimited number of people anywhere in the world using just the internet.

Why WhatsApp Storage Consume Much Of Phone Memory?

It is simple, WhatsApp is not a cloud-based messaging app like Telegram or Facebook Messenger. Which means, all the messages, images, voice or even documents that you send and receive are stored in your phone thereby increasing usage of the phone memory.

So, let us check through how to reduce the memory usage of your WhatsApp below:

How To Reduce WhatsApp Storage Usage On Android

There are different things to do and we will outline some of the easiest below;

1) Remove Auto-download

By default, WhatsApp auto-downloads everything it receives from individuals and groups even when you don’t need them or even know they were sent at all.

To stop this, go to Settings and deselect auto-download for media files

This will help a lot and you will always need to click on any image or video first before WhatsApp go ahead to download it for you. Thereby, helping you reduce WhatsApp storage usage drastically.

2) Delete Used Media files

Sometimes there are images or videos you receive, checked and is of no future use for you. Instead of keeping it sitting there in your phone consuming spaces. Why not just tap that delete button and free up your phone storage space.

3) Delete Old WhatsApp Database To Reduce WhatsApp Storage

WhatsApp autosaves a copy of your database into a special folder on your phone to make it easier to restore your messages in case you uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp or moved to a new phone entirely.

To access this feature you need to Go to your phone storage:

> Select Phone memory folder

> Go to WhatsApp folder

> Scroll till locating Database folder

> Open the Database folder and you will discover a list of old WhatsApp backup

> Simply delete them leaving just the latest one which usually contains details of the old ones deleted.

These are some of the quick ways to break free from WhatsApp not enough storage error on your phone.

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Thanks for reading.

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